Childhood Obesity

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Hiking Canyon Gorge. Good activity for the whole family it is beautiful! 

American Childhood Obesity is High

Nearly 15 percent of all American children are overweight, according to USA Today.

Overweight children are at an much higher risk for developing congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes & shortened life span. Along with a low self esteem that effects so many areas of their life.

What are some of the causes for this terrible outlook for American children:

1.  Children do not get out an play outside like their parents and grandparents did.

2.  Sitting in front of TV, games on hand held devices & social media... all contribute to no physical activity.

3.  TV and the food commercials tend to motivate them to eat even when they are not hungry and usually junk food.

4.  Fast food has taken over where our family meals used to be & fast food is low in good content and high in fat.

5.  Today's children take in about 150 calories more per day than kids 13 years ago.

Some things we can do to help change this cycle of obesity and help the children of America secure a healthy life:

1.  As parents & grandparents encourage them by example try to have healthy food options at home, pack healthy lunches.

2.  Suggest a walk after dinner as a family activity, it would also be a good time to catch up on the days events.

3.  Suggest an alternative to TV that gives them movement  a bike ride, even games with family would give them more movement and time to talk with one another.

4.  Setup a family exercise plan even if it is only a few days a week.  They will love it and remember it for ever! Make it fun.

5.  Choose family outings that help the family move. They could include walking, biking, trips to the park, zoo outings, hiking, swimming & kayaking are just a few ideas.

You will feel better and your children will thank you for helping them have a healthy happy life.